Prayer for the Servant of God Antony Susainather

to be elevated to the status of Blessed

God our Father! We are grateful to you for Fr. Antony Susainather, who devoted his entire life for establishing your kingdom on earth; whom you have raised to the status of the ‘Servant of God’. We express our wholehearted thanks to you Father, for giving him the strength to live this motto ‘Go to Jesus through Mary’. Almighty Father, you willed that he brings many more people to your Holy Church through his prayers, mortifications and missionary zeal. You chose him to bring love and life politically, economically and culturally in the lives of many poor people. You have inspired many more people to become true disciples of Jesus after the life witness of your servant Fr. Antony Susainather, who amidst difficulties and sufferings, put his total trust in your providence and made the mysteries of Rosary the centre of his consecrated life. Give us the grace that we receive favours through his intercession and live a holy life by imitating his exemplary life. We humbly implore you loving Father, that Your Servant of God Fr. Antony Susainather to be elevated to the status of ‘Blessed’. We ask this prayer through Christ our lord Amen.

Our Father…. Hail Mary… Glory be…