The world is tossed by noise and by the communicative media. Everyone feels that it is a pollution by which the human race is sub-merged into the humdrum of life. Eventually the whole world becomes like the ‘madding crowd’of the English novelist Thomas Hardy. This madding crowd becomes crazy in making noise, producing noise and Polluting noise.
At this juncture Fr.Antony Soosainather becomes singled out from this and stands as a silent hermit to teach the noisy world the importance of silence and solitude. Therefore I venture to translate the Biography of this man of deep silence and God like solitude. I am privi­leged to do this honourable task as a token of appreciation of Fr. Soosainather’s life and his achievements. The title chosen speaks vol­umes for the love of silence and the desire for solitude. In appreciating Fr. Soosainather’s silence everyone must emulate his life and achieve­ments. This is my ardent desire and wishes. I hope the readers will keep Fr. Soosainather as an example, enter into eternal silence and of everlasting solitude of the absolute.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Most. Rev. Dr. Yvon Ambroise, the Bishop of Tuticorin, Rev. Fr. A.M. Stephen CR, the Prior General of the congregation of Rosarians, the Rosarian Fami­lies and all those who helped me to publish this book.
Fr.Bastine C.R.